A Better Way To Wash Your Fresh Foods

September 26, 2018



You’ve just come back from the grocery store with all your favorite fruits and vegetables to eat and cook into all of your favorite foods. Before you do any cooking, cutting, or just plain biting into them, you need to wash them!

We all know that there are chemicals and pesticides sprinkled onto all produce to ensure we don’t bite into a bug or pest by mistake. But in order to ensure that they’re safe to eat, we need to wash those chemicals off – not to mention all the germs of the people and things your food has touched before it ended up on your plate!

The tried and true method of cleaning fruits and vegetables is by washing them under cold water in the kitchen sink. But what if there was a way to get your produce even cleaner?

Instead of cleaning your fruits and vegetables with just plain water, try mixing some baking soda into your washing water beforehand. This mixture will help to clean your produce more effectively than cold water alone. This mix is actually better than what most restaurants use, a mixture of weak bleach and water! So in order to feel confident that you are eating clean in more than one way, make sure you wash with baking soda!

By: Eon Kyong


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