A Dessert Made Into A Healthy Breakfast

September 6, 2018

Even though we all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, we all can’t help but sometimes ignore that knowledge and splurge on something a bit different for breakfast. Something more decadent, sweet, or rich than what we know we should be eating for the first and most important meal of the day.

Ice cream is one such example – we all know that it isn’t a good breakfast but it’s just so good! While we don’t recommend eating ice cream for breakfast, we can recommend eating these peanut butter banana popsicles not only for breakfast, but at any time of the day!

This recipe may look like a recipe for creamy, traditional ice cream in a popsicle mold, but it’s so much more. The Greek yogurt used in this recipe instead of the typical cream for ice cream serves as a healthier alternative, with lower calories and a higher protein content.

The peanut butter also featured to help the base stay together is also a great source of protein to ensure that you feel full longer and help your body stay healthier and stronger! Not only is there less fat in this recipe, but there is also less sugar! This is due to the honey and the banana in the recipe, which naturally produce their own sweetness without the help of added sugar.

By: Eon Kyong


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