An American Dessert For Breakfast

August 28, 2018

When you think of Boston, you might think of the American revolution, or better yet, the Boston cream pie. This dessert has a history longer than you might think, spanning all the way to 1865 – only a hundred years after the American revolution! This decadent cake features cake layers with a filling of creme patisserie and a coating of chocolate.

With a dessert like this, you never have to worry about going hungry. While not unique to Boston, a distinctively American thing to do is to eat something so sweet for dessert that it’s practically a dessert. What better thing to do than combine a dessert from one of the oldest cities in America with this very American phenomena, and what better dessert than the pancake? This video features just that, and your taste-buds will surely thank you.

This recipe takes pancakes to another level by using cake mix instead of pancake mix, with an addition of vanilla extract. This gives your pancakes another level of sweetness and makes them more cake-like in both flavor and texture. While vanilla pudding and whipped cream aren’t exactly the traditional way of making the creme patisserie for the filling, it will still be delicious and work as a flavorful filling. So the next time you need a decadent breakfast or brunch, why not give this a try?

By: Eon Kyong


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