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Chef Adventures

Meet The Most Expensive Dessert

  You might be thinking, how much would the most expensive dessert costs? The most expensive decedent dessert will set you back $1,500. The Baccarat Hotel in New York offers the Bear Extraordinaire ice cream dessert that will be available through Labor Day, served in their Grand Salon. This...

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Ask a Nutritionist, How To's

Making Your Diet More Beneficial

        Lacking nutritional benefits from your diet? Then this guide will help you to get more benefits from your dietary choices.    On average Cucumbers contain 95 percent water and works to flush toxins from your system. They also have a high alkaline levels for...

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How To's

Enjoy Meals More Through Changing Beauty Habits

Foodies love their food and think that food could not possibly get better, but we know a secret that can improve the quality of your food and meals. One of the biggest secrets to getting a great flavor from dishes is to have a clean palette and brushing your teeth more could help to keep your...

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