Be Careful Of White Bread

October 12, 2018


White bread is comforting and delicious. With its ability to soak up any flavor and sauce with all of its simplicity while providing substance and structure to a meal, it’s no wonder that it is one of the most popular variants of bread sold in the United States!

However, its composition of refined sugars can be a cause of health detriments that have severe consequences down the line. The refined sugars that are used to make white bread can be a cause for weight gain in the body.

This is because the excess refined sugars that are not used by your body immediately are stored as fat in your body instead of muscle or water weight. This causes your body to gain extra weight, as well as bloating!

Because of the extra sugar in your body, your body will also show increased irritation and symptoms of depression, even without you being aware of it. The increased sugar will also cause you to be more prone to type 2 diabetes, since the increased blood sugar will lead to more insulin released by your body – but if there’s too much your own cells will be resistant to it.

Still can’t live without bread? Whole grain bread is better for your body and blood!

By: Lizzie Kim


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