Buffalo Chicken Kale Salad

October 10, 2018


Today we have for you real knockout of a salad: the Buffalo Chicken Kale Salad. If there’s two modern crowd pleasers, it’s buffalo chicken and kale. I have yet to find a meat and veggie I can’t marry somehow in a salad.

Compared to most salads, this one’ll take a bit of doing. You’ll want to set some time aside to pickle your celery, which also involves making your own brine, but trust me, it’s totally worth it.

Homemade pickled veggies are awesome. And if a variety of chicken dishes has taught me anything, it’s that pickles go great with buffalo chicken. That mild, palette-cleansing sourness works in tandem with the spicy, tangy buffalo sauce of the chicken to make each bite a brand new experience.

This salad chock full of kale and seared tomatoes, which have all sorts of vitamins and minerals. You’d think the buffalo chicken and blue cheese dressing make the salad a little heavy, but the nutritional value of the fresh veggies balances everything out, and tastes good to boot.

Even the pickiest eaters won’t be able to resist this scintillating aroma.


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