Cauliflower Is The New Rice

September 10, 2018

Rice is delicious and filling no matter what the cuisine or flavor. It works with any meal to absorb all the flavors while adding texture and balance to any meal or snack of your choice. No matter which variant and its texture and flavor you choose from them many out there, rice is the happy medium shared all around the world.

Sadly for us, it’s also one of the the most caloric out there as well. At 206 calories per cup, it provides over 20% of the calories consumed worldwide as a whole! In order to lessen the calorie count and inches on our waistline while keeping the same flavor and texture addition in the food, cauliflower is here as the new rice.

While this white vegetable that looks like broccoli seems an unlikely candidate to be the new rice, it’s actually much better than you’d anticipate – the color is already there, after all! Even when it’s used in a dish where rice is the star such as fried rice, it will still be just the same as the fried rice dish that you already know and love. Try it out- your waistline and tight clothes will thank you.

By: Eon Kyong


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