Celebrate Taco Tuesday Any Day

September 28, 2018

We know that taco Tuesday has already come and gone, but there’s no reason you can’t have the amazing flavors of a taco any day of the week! The taco itself is optional, what really matters is the deliciously spicy meats and vegetables that make a party in your mouth and a contented feeling to last you the rest of the night.

If you’re looking for a way to get your taco on, then you’re in luck! This one-skillet meal is perfect for that taco and overall Mexican craving, and will fill you up no matter how hungry you are.

We know, we know- how can it be a taco without the shell? If you’re really in need of that crunchy wrapper to hold your delicious taco meat and skillet filling in, try making your own!

Get some corn tortillas and bake them in a folded shape so they are nice and crunchy- we recommend a muffin tin to make sure that the tortillas hold their shape and become the best taco shell! In order to complete your non Tuesday taco, we recommend some creamy sour cream and fresh guac to go with your taco and fill you up!

By: Eon Kyong


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