Checking On Your Food After A Power-Outage

October 9, 2018

Power-outages and blackouts are the worst. You lose power, you can’t see a thing, and worst of all, your WiFi is gone! The last thing on your mind is the food in your fridge, but it should actually be the first thing on your mind.

If the food in your fridge gets above 40 degrees Fahrenheit, there is an increased risk of your food going bad, with unhealthy bacteria growing and thriving in your food – which can lead to unpleasant results such as food poisoning! Of course, leaving your fridge door and freezer door closed is the best way to keep your food from going bad by maintaining the temperature as long as possible.

But if you’re not sure how long the power has been out, there is a simple trick to check on the food in your freezer. While this video uses a cup, you can use any sort of vessel and any sort of coin to check.

This trick requires that you have a level space for your vessel, as otherwise the coin will be unbalanced and more likely to fall in. However, as long as you follow the steps perfectly you will be able to be certain of the status of your foods any time, no matter how long or little your power outage may be.

By: Eon Kyong


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