Don’t Freeze Up Over Freezer-Burned Food

October 1, 2018

The freezer is a great place to preserve food for another day. It can handle all sorts of foods, and is great for even creating ice to cool your drinks! The worst thing about a freezer? When you have to actually defrost your food in order to eat it.

While it isn’t too bad with smaller things such as fruits and vegetables, and in some cases isn’t necessary as is the case with ice cream, but is definitely an issue with frozen raw meats. While it’s so convenient to store raw meat in the freezer, it always runs the risk of being freezer burned!

Freezer burn consists of frozen patches of ice that have affected areas of raw meat where liquid from the meat and packaging have frozen and “burned” the meat. While it may not look pretty, it is perfectly safe to eat, and will disappear once the meat is cooked anyways.

As long as it is frozen, your meat is fine, but be careful defrosting it! The freezer burn patches are perfect places for bacteria to thrive and cause food poisoning in your foods if you’re not careful. Just defrost in the fridge or in a microwave to keep your food safe and delicious!


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