Easy Fancy Dessert With Chocolate Dome How-To

October 9, 2018


We’ve all seen videos for it on Facebook and other social media sites- those fancy desserts that contain a twist or something so distinctive and amazing you could only hope to travel there someday and eat it for yourself – and more importantly, post it to your own social media accounts to brag to all your friends and acquaintances.

What if I told you that you could easily make something that would get all the likes, shares, and generally as much social attention as possible all from the comfort of your home? This recipe for a melting chocolate dome is sure to garner all the attention and impress anyone that watches your work!

The trick to this recipe lies in the chocolate dome itself – anything underneath it is just a part of the surprise that comes with it. While a brownie and ice cream are delicious, you can put anything under there to make it delicious!

The dome itself just requires a balloon and some melted chocolate, two easy things to come across. When blowing the balloon, make sure it isn’t too big. The bigger the balloon, the more easily it pops – the last thing you want to happen before the chocolate is finished setting!


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