Easy Goulash Recipe

September 27, 2018

Pasta. No matter how many times you talk about it, this deliciousness will never get old. What’s not to love about a rich dish filled with all sorts of carbs, cheese, and meats? Not to mention, there are so many varieties of it out there to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters on any sort of diet!

One such variety that doesn’t get enough love or the recognition it deserves is the goulash. This originally medieval dish from Hungary is still popular in Central Europe, but deserves love from all over the world!

Goulash is the perfect dish for fall – the dish was originally made to sustain Hungarian shepherds on even the coldest days, and it’ll do the job for you as well!
While the tomatoes and meat may fool you into thinking it’s another pasta and meat sauce dish, its secret is in its spices- how many pasta dishes do you notice paprika in, let alone potatoes?

Originally the meat used to be made from every bit of the animal in order to prevent waste, but today we can use ground meat for a just as delicious but more accessible meal. So if you want pasta but want to go a different route, why not give goulash a go?

By: Lizzie Kim


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