Gin And Tonic Upgrade

August 9, 2018

There’s something so simple yet wonderful about a gin and tonic. Only a few ingredients to create such a classic drink that’s renowned throughout the world. While the classic G&T made of gin, tonic water, ice, and lime is always delicious and welcomed, try these variations for a new twist and depth of flavor in your booze!

Replace the lime in your gin and tonic with some pink grapefruit to jump on the pink trend that’s been around for the past few years. Garnish with some orange slices and rosemary sprigs to get a fresh, herbal pop of flavor!

If you prefer drier drinks, garnish your gin and tonics with cucumber slices and mint leaves. This is a highly refreshing drink,best for the hottest, worst dog days of summer when all you need is a drink to cool you down. Sprinkle some black peppercorns on top for a contrasting bit of heat while maintaining your cool.

Muddle some strawberries and basil into your gin and tonic to get a sweet and herbal taste in your mouth with the flavors of the gin and tonic water. The muddled strawberries will also release bits of fruit into the drink, accenting your drink!

For a distinctive and unforgettable flavor, throw in some chilies with a traditional gin and tonic. The spices will add more flavor, adding heat to all your drinks!

By: Lizzie Kim


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