Healthy Sweets Round Up

March 20, 2017

Healthy eating is a STRUGGLE, especially if you’re like me and have a huge sweet tooth. Sure the dietitians and “Fitstagramers” tell you to replace sweets with fruits but come one, an apple does not satisfy the way a bag of chocolates does. Well, the good news is I’ve finally found the perfect replacements for those naughty sugary cravings!

Brookside dark chocolate covered pomegranate flavored bites are the best way to enjoy a movie without feeling guilty! Replace that movie theater butter with SkinnyPop and replace the typical candy with some Brookside bites and you’ve got the perfect better choice movie night!

Bark Thins are PHENOMENAL for when you need that late night chocolate pick me up! The key to staying healthy here is following the recommended serving size, which is large enough to satisfying that sweet tooth. Bark Thins come in a variety of flavors making sure everyone has an option!

Love chocolate but hate limiting yourself? The Blue Diamond cocoa dusted almonds taste like chocolate candies without the calories! Enjoy a handful of these bad boys while gaining all the benefits of a protein packed almond along with the delicious chocolate flavor of cocoa!


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