Homemade Funnel Cake

October 1, 2018

Funnel cakes. Even the word immediately transports you to a place with bright blue skies, the smell of sunscreen and fried food mingling with the screams of kids on the carny rides and the shouts of the street vendors selling all sorts of food and games, maybe a haunted house or a mirror maze in the background.

Funnel cakes are the epitome of fairs and carnivals, as well as some theme parks and sporting events. They’ve been around since 1879, and for good reason- these light and fluffy treats are crispy on the outside without being too heavy to prevent you from walking around anywhere and any time.

This video shows you three different twists on the traditional funnel cake, with fun flavors of red velvet, banana split, and apple bites! If you’re looking for a more conventional flavoring that you’re used to seeing in your favorite fair or festival, you can use the base recipe that is featured in the video before they begin to add the other ingredients!

If you’re only looking for the best, try to make a choux pastry base for your funnel cake! Choux naturally expands from is high water content, which turns to steam when fried. This will give you the lightest and fluffiest cakes around!

By: Eon Kynog


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