Jalapeño Popper Grilled Cheese Sandwich

September 13, 2018

Looking for something cheesy, spicy, and perfectly salty while hitting all of your instinctive needs for a meaty umami taste to satisfy your tastebuds? It’s perfectly natural, especially after you try this recipe for a jalapeno popper bacon melt sandwich! After you make this sandwich just once, you’ll always have a craving that only this sandwich can satisfy in all the right ways.

While at first glance this sandwich seems like just another boring grilled cheese sandwich, this sandwich is actually a melt, containing jalapenos and bacon on the inside! All grilled cheese sandwiches are melts, but not all melts are grilled cheese sandwiches after all.

Even if it contains jalapenos and bacon, what really sets this melt apart from other sandwiches is the fact that it’s made to mimic the flavors of a jalapeno popper, while being mixed with the flavors of a grilled cheese and bacon! A jalapeno popper is made with cream cheese and jalapenos to give a spicy yet creamy flavor, and mixed with bacon and grilled cheese there’s no chance this could ever go wrong! This sand wich will be your go-to as a guilty pleasure on those days when a boring old sandwich just isn’t enough!


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