Japanese Style Fried-Chicken And Curry

October 2, 2018

Japanese Style Fried-Chicken And Curry

Katsu and curry are a traditional and delicious combo at most Japanese restaurants. Its greasy yet spicy and delicious flavors make for a rich and filling meal for anyow that eats it. However, it isn’t a meal you have to wait for the next time you go to a Japanese restaurant. You can eat it at any time when you make it at home with this simple and delicious recipe!

Katsu is essentially a chicken cutlet that’s been breaded and fried, similar to our friend chicken, However, the Japanese way is to use panko breadcrumbs, a shorter breadcrumb the provides a crumbly outer layer instead of the crispy layer that we’re used to using on our fried chicken. It’s eaten like a steak due to how large and flat it is, and it makes for a great meal on its own! However, adding curry gives it a whole new flavor.

Japanese curry is different from the traditional Indian style curries you may be used to eating at your favorite Indian takeaway. Japanese curry is usually creamier and milder, with more emphasis on curry powder and less so on other spices that are used such as turmeric. It is used not only in katsu, but also for dishes such as ramen!

By: Lizzie Kim


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