Love Inspired This Tasty Chocolate Bar

February 15, 2018

So by now you probably know that we are food OBSESSED! And all food lovers have a sweet tooth and a favorite candy spot they love to indulge at and we want to share our favorite spot with you! Refinery29 brings us the most amazing video of how Sugarfina XOXO chocolate is made…and the best part is, it’s handmade.

Sugarfina is a gourmet candy shop that sells everything from gummy bears to chocolates to other candies. This video features a gummy bear chocolate bar, which is every one’s Valentine’s Day dream. The ingredients are all artisan-sourced from around the world, and this dark chocolate candy bar with baby champagne bears is made by a world renowned chocolatier in Las Vegas, Nevada. Now that’s some fancy chocolate. The whole process of making this candy bar starts with 30 thousand beans…

Step one: Roasting cocoa beans
Step two: Husk removal
Step three: Grinding
Step four: Melting
Step five: Pouring into molds

After the chocolate is being poured into the molds, the Sugarfina signature baby champagne bears are hand placed into the chocolate molds. And then you have a dark chocolate bar with gummy bears in it…what more could you ask for this Valentine’s Day??


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