Make Your Next Grilled Cheese Unique

August 14, 2018

A grilled cheese sandwich is a delicious meal or snack no matter what the occasion. There are always places to improve, and one way is by adding juicy tomatoes and smoky bacon! This will make your sandwich decadent and delicious, with more than just melty cheese to prop up your bread.

The main spread and one of the most important ingredients on the sandwich is the mayonnaise mixture. This sauce will pull the sandwich together while pulling apart your clothing seams, with its creamy and tartly spicy flavor. All the sauce is, is a 3:1 mixture of mayonnaise to dijon mustard. Make sure you make a lot of this sauce, as it will be spread on everything. It helps the sandwich and the bread retain its moisture when it’s being grilled, while allowing the bread to get those delicious toasty outer bites.

When making the sandwich, make sure you spread this mixture on both sides of the bread. This will make sure that the flavors of the sandwich stay in, while the bread is toasted more beautifully on your grill. Another thing to remember is to use cooked bacon in your sandwich, otherwise it may end up being the last meal you ever eat!


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