Making Your Diet More Beneficial

July 9, 2018


Lacking nutritional benefits from your diet? Then this guide will help you to get more benefits from your dietary choices. 
On average Cucumbers contain 95 percent water and works to flush toxins from your system. They also have a high alkaline levels for a more nutrient-rich option.
Garlic is good for liver stimulation to encourage production of detoxification enzymes. This healthy option can also be used in a variety of dishes for many meal possibilities. 
Broccoli helps to neutralize and eliminate toxins, while delivering a large dose of vitamins.
Walnuts are a healthy snack option that infuses the body with healthy omega 3 oils, assisting in detoxification. Almonds can be used to help with regulating digestion 

Turmeric is a derivative from ginger and supplements healthy omega 3 while detoxing the system. Ginger can show many positive health benefits, especially with daily consumption. This root reduces inflammation and stimulates blood circulation.

Daily consumption of ginger can also improve digestion for regulation, while preventing acid reflux. Ginger is also helpful with alleviating coughing for soar throats and can be used raw on the gums as a dental pain relief. 
Grapefruit offers a low cholesterol snack that prevents kidney stones and aids the digestive system (being one of the healthiest citrus fruits). 
Pickle juice gives many healthy benefits that can help with cramping for muscle aches and pains. The high sodium content of the pickle juice is also good for regaining electrolytes for people who frequent the gym or running.
The vinegar in the juice can serve as a healthy weight-loss supplement while regulating blood sugar levels. It also helps improve the body’s response to insulin, reducing blood sugar levels after meals and hangover recovery. 
The papaya fruit provides enzymes for better digestion with vitamins including A, B, C, Omega-3S, and electrolytes. This fruit also provides anti-inflammatory properties to help with pain and arthritis. 
Check out the video above for more beneficial options to change up your diet. 

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