Never Take A Warm Shot Again

September 3, 2018

We all love to drink and get our party on when we’re at a bar, party, or maybe just hanging out with friends. We all hate it when our drinks get warmed to room temperature, when they were just freshly poured three conversations ago! There are many ways to combat this, but we think we’ve found the perfect solution – making ice shot glasses.

While this seems like a hassle, time consuming, and a waste of time for the less motivated among us, this trick is actually the best method for drinking any and all shots. Alcohol won’t freeze, but it does have the ability to change temperature. This makes it susceptible to getting warmer and colder.

The ice will help it keep cool, while the ice will primarily melt on the outside as that is the side facing the warmer temperature. Another great thing about these shot glasses- do you know how annoying it is to clean up used shot glasses the next day?

They’re small and difficult to wash, and likely to break if you’re not careful. Never worry about washing ice shot glasses- just put all of them in the sink and let them wash away!

By: Eon Kyong


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