Preserving Apples For A Fresh Natural Flavor

September 10, 2018

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but apples can’t do that if they’ve gone bad! With apple season soon approaching and along with it the problem of too many apples than we can eat, we need to find a way to keep apples as fresh as possible for the longest time!

The first line of defense against spoiled apples is to choose the right kind of apple. Smaller apples with thicker skins may not be as good as the large, sweet apples such as the honeycrisp, but will keep longer from spoiling and going bad.

Granny Smith apples last the longest from going bad due to their tart flavor and thick skin, which is perfect for not snacking, but baking!

If you’re set on getting thinner skinned apples, we won’t stop you-we love them too! The trick to thinner skinned apples is to hold them as gently as an egg, especially around other apples.

If apples aren’t held gently, they can bruise, which release ethylene. Ethylene is naturally emitted from apples and is great for ripening avocados, but not so great for your apple preservation. To slow this, handle your apples carefully!

Like other foods, placing apples in the fridge will prevent their spoiling. By keeping them humid, this will prevent them from drying out and inedible!

By: Eon Kyong


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