Salmon Personal Pizza

September 13, 2018

What’s easier to eat and more delicious than a pizza? Even though leftover pizza is delicious and a perfect meal for literally whenever, sometimes it’s nice having a whole pizza that you can finish in one sitting, without worrying about the leftovers afterwards.

This especially contributes for pizzas with toppings that don’t last as well, such as smoked salmon. Have no fear, you can easily finish this pizza all on your own in one sitting! Not only is this pizza perfect for a meal alone, it’s even better due to how quickly you can make it.

Even though you use pre-made ingredients such as the naan bread, you still transform it into something else by cooking it, or mix it with other ingredients to get a finished product, in the case of the cream cheese. Ultimately all of the flavors work in your favor to create the best flavor all for yourself!

There isn’t any tomato sauce in this recipe, but who needs it when you have delicious things such as smoked salmon, dill, and capers providing a different palate? Besides, the creaminess of the cream cheese provides moisture and ensures that you don’t need to add more cooking time by baking the whole thing.

By: Eon Kyong


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