See Your Seafood In A New Light

September 27, 2018

Cheese and seafood- this already sounds like a recipe for disaster. We normally eat seafood for its clean and fresh flavor from the sea, and adding cheese to this seems like a bad idea. Cheese is known for being deliciously decadent, rich, creamy, salty, and fatty- all of the things that you wouldn’t expect to pair with a delicate and crisp flavor such as that of seafood.

Prepare to be blown away and eat your words with this amazing recipe for seafood lasagna, combining the impossible to make the best dish for any meal you could imagine! Something that sets this lasagna apart from the rest other than its usage of seafood is the lack of tomato sauce, focusing entirely on the combination of seafood and cheese.

Only the layers of pasta provide support for these two clashing flavors and structurally keep everything together. The tomato would be too acidic and hide both flavors from being the stars of the show!

White sauce is the perfect vessel as a sauce, as it adds to the richness of the cheese while helping to ensure that the overall dish isn’t too salty. Try this dish when you’re looking for the unexpected, or just want something rich with a fishy twist!

By: Eon Kyong


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