The Best Carbless Bread

September 14, 2018

Bread is amazing, but also makes you fat real quick. It’s a common fact of life that bread does so, especially in part due to its high carb content.

Carbs are amazing but sometimes terrible for you – and sometimes you’re not able to eat them at all! While there are plenty of solutions for pizza and baked goods with things such as flourless brownies, what are we supposed to do about bread?

This recipe shows you how to make a carbless bread made of unexpected ingredients such as spinach and artichoke. While it may seem weird at first, this recipe is sure to become your new best friend.

This recipe calls for a cauliflower base, similar to another carbless revision of food – the cauliflower crust pizza. Cauliflower is great as a substitute in baked goods, as it produces a similar texture when it’s riced into tiny pieces.

The main difference is that the cauliflower has more moisture than carbs such as rice or flour, so you have to be careful about the liquid content of your food – it may end up falling apart if you’re not careful! The spinach and artichoke, like other vegetables, also have their own level of moisture – so be extra careful!


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