The New BLT – Bacon Cabbage Dippers

September 13, 2018

Bacon and cabbage seem like an unlikely pairing – the only time you’d ever see them together is in a salad or the BLT. Otherwise, who would ever think of putting those two together? Despite this, they make for an amazing combination that’s remarkably easy to produce!

If you think about it, cabbage and brussel sprouts are remarkably similar foods, despite the difference in size. Brussel sprouts taste amazing roasted, so why not cabbage? Cabbage is a food that most of us primarily think of as something to throw in our salads, but they’re amazing when they’re baked!

Baked cabbage becomes more tender and loses its crunch, while gaining a slight burned texture and caramelization on the outer layer exposed to the outside air. It is nearly impossible to bake individual cabbage leaves, but roasting cabbages in large wedges such as the ones in the video is perfect, as it’s small enough to bake through quickly while large enough that it won’t burn too quickly.

The bacon ensures that you don’t need to worry about seasoning your cabbage wedges too much. The bacon’s salty and meaty flavors will make sure your cabbage is anything but under-seasoned and ready to eat!


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