The Next Zucchini Thing Is Here

September 7, 2018

From zoodles to infused water, the zucchini train shows no signs of stopping in the modern age. Just when you think that this is the end of zucchini, here comes the amazing zucchini flatbread to prove you and all of the zucchini naysayers wrong! This zucchini flatbread is made with roasted zucchini and red onions, which bring out a caramelized sweet side from both vegetables.

While the recipe doesn’t specify what sort of dough to use for this flatbread recipe, we recommend using a pizza dough- not the extra crispy or thin kind, but good old fashioned pizza dough. While we’re not making a pizza, pizza dough is great for this recipe because it was made specifically to hold its structure even when it is flattened and piled upon with loads of toppings.

Other good dough ideas would be that for pita and focaccia bread, since both are great for keeping their structure. Speaking of toppings, we also recommend adding some bell peppers along with your red onions and zucchini. Bell peppers are flavorful and sweet in their own right while also being light enough that they won’t weigh your flatbread down. Looking for something lighter? Add some basil with your mint and lemon for a brighter and greener kick!

By: Eon Kyong


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