The Versatile Food – Cottage Cheese

October 3, 2018


Cottage cheese is an odd food – it’s not quite creamy, not quite chunky. Its mild flavor may turn some off, but for the most part it’s a quiet food. It doesn’t necessarily stand out in a crowd, nor is it a detractor in any dish.

Despite the near invisible presence of this food, cottage cheese is quite good for you. Cottage cheese contains a medley of probiotics for your digestive system, calcium for your bones, and protein for your muscles! Try these methods to incorporate this great food in your diet!

If you’re looking to stay to the classics without straying too far, try replacing some of the ricotta with cottage cheese in your lasagna! If you want a breakfast, you can place them in your pancakes for a protein filed breakfast!

Looking for a new dip? Add some cottage cheese to any savory or sweet dip for a great creamy texture. A good example of this is by adding some cottage cheese to your pesto!

Another great breakfast idea is by placing some in crepes, or by topping your favorite toast with some cottage cheese! If you’re looking for oatmeal, make some overnight oats with a bit of cottage cheese and almond milk for a healthy and protein filled way to start your day!


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