These Cupcakes Will Be Your Favorite Treat In A “Jaffa”

September 21, 2018

Jaffa cakes are a treat that is normally only enjoyed across the pond – most of us over in America don’t even know what it is, and we’re definitely missing out.
Jaffa cakes are miniature cakes roughly the size of a biscuit – but they’re not the three tiered cakes we’re normally used to seeing and eating as a sweet treat.

Jaffa cakes are made of a base layer of genoise sponge topped with a layer of orange flavored jam covered by a layer of chocolate. This sweet and tart treat is widely enjoyed all over the United Kingdom, and if you’ve seen British shows you’re sure to have seen it at least a few times in passing.

While you could easily make one of these at home, why not put an American twist on it by turning it into a cupcake? This cupcake is a bit taller and fluffier than your typical jaffa cake, but that just adds to its ease of eating!

The texture of the lighter cupcake will serve as a counterpart to the rich chocolate and sweet jam, or marmalade, as the British call it. When you make this recipe, why not serve some traditional tea on the side like a proper British high tea?

By: Lizzie Kim


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