Toast Summer Good-Bye With Rhubarb

September 7, 2018

We all have those times when we want to feel fancy and a bit dressed up, even if we’re at home eating pizza in front of your Netflix loading screen. At the same time, we also want to invoke the late summer spirit, as autumn draws ever closer and everyone seems to be rushing towards all too quickly.

What better way to mix the two on a weekend or weekday night with a rhubarb 75? This twist on the traditional French 75 cocktail will have you in that perfectly posh late summer mood for any evening and occasion.

While rhubarb can be harvested as early as spring, the prime season for rhubarb is in the summer, when the stalks are firm and crisp, but also tart and almost slightly sweet in its raw form. While this is closer to the end of rhubarb season, late rhubarb imparts a slight sweetness that will be noted and enjoyed in your rhubarb 75.

While rhubarb may seem like an odd choice to place into your 75 cocktail, its flavor along with the added vanilla bean found in this recipe, make for the perfect complement to the juniper flavor in the gin and the fizziness of the champagne. The orange blossom water also helps to uplift your drink with the lemon, so there’s no such thing as a heavy mouthfeel after this crisp drink!

By: Lizzie Kim


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