Try Squash In New Ways

August 15, 2018

Squash are found year-round in the grocery store, but flood the shelves in a variety of shapes and colors when summer comes. If you’ve wanted to try all the squash but were unsure of how to cook them, try these recipes for some great dish ideas! While these recipes call for specialized equipment, most can be replaced with a sharp knife and patience!

For a delicious and filling breakfast, try this spiralized squash frittata! Spiralize your squash and fry it down with some oil and garlic. Meanwhile, whisk some eggs and milk together with salt and pepper. Add them all together with in a pan and bake it for 16 to 18 minutes at 350 degrees. If you want to avoid dishes, you can fry the squash in a cast iron and add the eggs to the same pan- one less pan to wash later!

For a simple snack, try some spicy pickles or chips made from squash. Use a mandolin or a sharp knife to slice your squash into thin slices, then add boiling vinegar and place into the refrigerator if you want pickles. If you’re looking for something crunchy, add some oil to your squash slices and bake in the over at 200 degrees for two hours!

If you’re looking for a delicious topping for your toasts, try some squash butter. Grate your squash into tiny pieces and dry them out. Melt some butter, oil, and garlic down in a pan, then add your grated squash and fry the whole mixture for 30 minutes. Afterwards, you’ll have a delicious topping for toast!

By: Eon Kyong


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