Which State Loves Beer?

May 2, 2018

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There is like and love. Some states like their beer but here are states that love beer:

#10: Texas – 31.8 gallons

The history of Texan beer is archived at St.Edward’s University. This is one of the first in the country to start chronicling the history and culture of craft beer.

#9: Vermont – 32.8 gallons

This state has high tourism rates for craft beer vacations, offering many craft breweries to visit.

#8: Nevada – 32.9 gallons

The Reno Tahoe area offers an ‘interactive tap map’, so travelers can plan their route to visit breweries during pit stops.

#7:Nebraska – 33.3 gallons

They hold events such as the Tri-Cities Craft Beer Week (April 30th – May 5th) and The Great Nebraska Beer Fest (August 18th). 

#6: Maine – 33.8 gallons

Shipyard Brewing just announced a redevelopment plan, including a 105-room ‘brewtel’. Making it one of the first hotels to be apart of a brewery infrastructure, including a tasting room for guest access.   

#5: Wisconsin – 34.3 gallons

Two Wisconsin-based companies, OvenWorks Pizza and Lakefront Brewery, to create a frozen pizza with a beer-infused crust. 

#4: South Dakota – 38.2 gallons

They hold an annual Mash Madness competition, for breweries across the state. There are also many breweries across the state.

#3: North Dakota – 38.3 gallons

There is a book published, “North Dakota Beer: A Heady History”, that is about how this state became one of the leaders in malting barley production. This also led to the boom in breweries and brewpubs across the state. 

#2: Montana – 39.4 gallons

For April Fool’s Day, Missoula’s Draught Works Brewery went viral for adding non-toxic edible shimmer to make glitter beer. 

The #1 answer on the board, New Hampshire with a recorded 40.6 gallons per adult. 

New Hampshire holds a Craft Beer Week in April for seven days of tasting and openings for new breweries. There are over 70 breweries state-wide.  

The data is based on the per capita beer consumption through the 50 states. Which state will you visit for a brewery tour?


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