Your New Favorite Baking Hack

September 5, 2018

Baking is the scientific and precise cousin of the art and flowing free-form that is cooking in the kitchen. Because of its exacting and demanding nature, many of us choose to use boxed mixes in our baking for the next bake sale or to impress our co-workers.

We’re not judging, we totally understand that maybe you just don’t have time to grab all the ingredients you’re just going to use once, then never look at again in the pantry. Boxed mixes are easy, all you need is some eggs, water, and maybe some oil or so – all of which you have laying around your house.

If you want to take your boxed mixes up a notch, to make sure those nosy coworkers or friends don’t suspect a thing, then try adding black coffee instead of water in your boxed mixes! This trick works best in chocolate mixes such as brownies and chocolate cake.

Chocolate already has a flavor profile that is distantly related to that of coffee, which makes it perfect for absorbing the flavor of coffee. The flavor of coffee will enhance the flavor of the chocolate and give it more depth than the single note of sweetness it had before, likening it to that of something as, say a rich dark chocolate – nobody can tell the difference.

By: Eon Kyong


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