3 Ways To Tell If Eggs Are Good To Eat

July 13, 2018

3 Ways To Tell If Eggs Are Good To Eat

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When reaching into your fridge, it can be pretty simple to tell what is good and what has gone bad just by the looks of it. If there is something fuzzy growing on it, it is probably best to stay away. But eggs are a little more tricky. Because they are inside of a shell, it can be harder to tell when eggs are bad. Here are some ways to tell if eggs are good to eat or if they belong in the trash.

As a general rule of thumb, eggs should be eaten within five weeks of buying them. If you are like most of us, keeping track of how long you have had eggs can be tricky. Try writing the date on the carton of eggs so you know when they have gone bad. Also try to only buy the amount of eggs you are actually going to eat within that time period to prevent food waste. There isn’t always one, but check to see if the egg carton has an expiration date.

If you forgot when you got your eggs, try the sniff test. This is reliable and probably the easiest way to tell if eggs are bad. Eggs that have spoiled will give off a pretty gnarly smell. If you sniff the shell and it doesn’t smell, try cracking it in a bowl. If it still doesn’t smell, you are in the clear. 

You can also try the float test. Fill a bowl with water and place the egg inside. If the eggs sinks, it is fresh. But if it floats, steer clear. 



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