A Beautiful Journey To Acceptance

November 15, 2016

A Beautiful Journey To Acceptance

Janet Mock grew up in Hawaii with a mother who lived outside of the gender binary. Trans people were more commonplace around her, with a notable figure being her hula teacher.

She obtained a deep understanding of trans women at a young age that was more accurate than those portrayed in film at the time, which made it much easier for her to understand her own desire to transition. One of her best school-aged friends was supportive, offering wigs and makeup to aid her self-esteem.

As Janet aged, she became more acquainted with the trans community, meeting other trans men and women and the doctors that helped them through their transitional periods. She learned multiple self-affirming techniques, such as dedicating an hour a day to her own writing and feelings.

Janet has tried to unite the transgender community, desiring them to be protagonists in a story, and not just one-off characters for a “very special episode” of a soap opera.


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