An Exotic Twist On A Comforting Snack

August 31, 2018

An Exotic Twist On A Comforting Snack

We all love granola. Whether you eat it for breakfast or a snack, this cousin to cereal is a great snack and food for any and all occasions. Another great snack that isn’t as well-known in the United States is baklava, a Greek dish made with layers of filo, pistachios, and sweeteners such as honey and brown sugar. If your not familiar with it, why not try introducing it to your meals through this dish? You’ll experience new flavors with the comfort of a familiar medium to balance it out!

Pistachios originated from the middle east, and are predominantly found in their desserts, such as baklava. Honey is found all over the world, and is familiar to both us in America and people all over the world, which makes it a happy and delicious medium for all to enjoy and appreciate.

If you’re looking to be more adventurous, or maybe you just want to enjoy a vegetarian version of this granola, try using aquafaba instead of egg whites! Aquafaba has been mentioned here before, but is the soupy liquid you find in a can of lentils such as chickpeas.

They whip up to the same consistency as egg whites when whipped, and will make great results!

By: Eon Kyong


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