Beans With High Nutritional Value

August 15, 2018

Beans, beans, the magical fruit. The more you eat, the more you toot! While this kids’ saying doesn’t make beans sound the most appetizing, there’s no denying how great they are for your body. All beans are good for you, but some beans are more good than others. Try to incorporate these beans into your diet to get the most health benefits!

Navy beans contain a lot of fiber and potassium, and are great for your heart. Try them in a soup with some tomatoes, celery, and onion to warm you up while getting the most benefits from the beans and the other vegetables!

Red beans, also known as kidney beans, have several anti-aging properties. They contain the most antioxidants and omega-3 of all of the beans, and go great with rice as a basic staple food.

If you need to think and focus on one thing, try some black beans! They contain anthocyanins, chemicals that improve your brain function. They taste good with only some garlic and onions, and are a great side dish.

Soybeans are known for being in soymilk and soy sauce, but did you know they also help to build muscle? If you’re not a fan of soymilk, try soybeans in a casserole with some cabbage.

If none of these beans are what you’re looking for, try green or myung beans! Both have multiple vitamins and minerals to help your body maximize its potential.

By: Lizzie Kim


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