Boil Up an Egg for a Quick Snack

March 23, 2020
Credit: Allrecipes

Hard-Boiled Eggs

Hard-boil eggs in a big batch for other dishes, or as a quick power snack!

Servings 12
Calories 72 kcal
Author Gayle Ramsey


  • 12 eggs


  1. Put all the eggs in a pot big enough to fit them and fill it with enough water to cover them completely.

  2. Put the cover on the pot and the pot on the stove. Turn the stove up to high and get the water boiling. Once it's boiling, take the pan off the hot burner and move it onto a cool one. Let that thing sit there with the cover on for fifteen minutes.

  3. While the pot's cooling, get a big bowl out and fill it halfway with cold water. When the pot has cooled, move all of the eggs to the big bowl. Add fresh water to keep the bowl cold until the eggs are completely cool to the touch.

  4. Leave the bowl with the eggs in the fridge for two hours to chill, then peel them.


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