Here Is How To Properly Store Your Cheese

July 11, 2018

Here Is How To Properly Store Your Cheese

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Cheese is one the most delicious foods on the planet, but it can also be extremely expensive. You may be doing yourself a disservice by the way that you are storing your cheese. Avoid these mistakes when you are putting your leftover cheese away. 

Do not wrap your cheese in plastic wrap or non-porous material. Plastic can deteriorate the flavor of the cheese. Instead of using the plastic wrap, use cheese paper, butcher paper, or wax paper. This will help keep the cheese fresh as well as keeping the flavor. 

The cold air actually slows down the cheese’s ripening process making your cheese dry. In order to prevent this, when putting your cheese away, put it in the produce drawer. There is less airflow in the produce drawer will allow it keep better. 

Don’t use an extra layer of protection. Put your cheese in a storage container with some poked holes or a plastic bag with a few holes in it. 

Follow these tips to keep your fromage fresh and to make sure it does not go to waste.


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