How To Bake Bakery-Worthy Bread

January 9, 2018

Making homemade bread can seem intimidating, which is why most of us opt for store bought bread. But nothing is as warm and inviting as a delicious, homemade loaf of bread. Bread is not difficult to make, it just takes a little precision and patience. The ingredients must be portioned correctly, and the slightest alteration to ingredients could cause a headache. Here is quick how to list for making bread that warms the soul, without leaving you frustrated.

1. Fluff up the flour
Use a spoon to gently stir up the flour. This is especially important if you’re scooping the flour directly from the bag, where it tends to get tightly packed.

2. Spoon into a measuring cup
Instead of scooping the flour directly from the bag or container, use a spoon to fill the measuring cup, mounding it a bit on top.

3. Level it off
Draw the straight edge of a knife or spatula across the top of the measuring cup to level it off and remove excess flour.

This “how to” courtesy of Southern Living


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