How To Organize A Cookie Swap

December 13, 2017

How To Organize A Cookie Swap

Thanks to this Cooking Light video and article, we now feel confident enough to host the best cookie swap in town this holiday season. It’s so fun and festive, but there needs to be some sort of outline and plan. Call the friends over and wow them with the perfect cookie swap this winter!

1. Invite friends: this is pretty self-explanatory, but hey, we wanted to make sure you got the point here! The ideal party size for a cookie swap is between 10-15 guests, so make sure you invite plenty of your pals with cute paper invitations or perhaps via email.

2. Lay some ground rules: specify the type of cookies you want brought, the amount each guest should come with, and if you have a preference between store-bought or homemade.

3. BYOC (Bring Your Own Container): each guest should bring their own container so they can bring home their fresh and new bounty!

4. Sharing is caring: after all of these delicious cookies have been passed around, there will undoubtedly be questions about recipes. It is always a safe bet to ask all the guests to bring the recipe they used with them, in case the other guests want a copy! Yum!

5. Set up your space: make it fun! Also, make sure you have plenty of refreshments for the cookie tasting, and of course maybe some extra containers in case some guests forgot theirs.

This “How To” courtesy of Cooking Light


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