Make Barbecue Without The BBQ

August 16, 2018

Make Barbecue Without The BBQ

Barbecued food is delicious. It has the smoke from the grill and sweetness from the sauce, with the crispiness and texture you can only get in a barbecued bit of food. If you don’t have a grill, you’re out of luck, right?

Perhaps not, as this recipe will allow you to get the same flavors as a barbecued piece of meat without ever stepping outside!

The trick to this recipe is the broiler. The broiler serves as a replacement for the the grill, and is the best replacement for a grill apart from perhaps a grill pan. While the grill pan will give you the grill marks that you want on your food, it is a pain to clean out.

The grill pan also has the issue of burning food and having it stick to the pan itself, taking away all the delicious caramelized portions that we all know and love. In addition to this, the grill pan is such a niche item that only serves one purpose, while the broiler is commonly found in many households.

The broiler works as a replacement to the grill with its constant closeness to the heat, giving the nice charred bites and carmelization with the brown sugar from the seasoning. You’ll be able to enjoy the “barbecue” from the comfort of your own home with this dish!

By: Lizzie Kim


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