Make Your Favorite Takeout

August 29, 2018

Make Your Favorite Takeout

We all love it- the fried rice that comes with the lunch or (sometimes and – hey, we’re not judging!) dinner specials at your local hole in the wall Chinese takeaway spot. Sometimes it’s the highlight of the dish – what better way to sop up all those delicious juices from your favorite orange chicken or sweet and spicy pork?

While it is possible to order just that by the bucket of white paper takeout container, there is no escaping the judging eyes of the delivery man, or the hostess as they hand you your food. The next best thing? Make it yourself at home! This is actually a better option in many ways, as you can eat it with anything, anytime while it’s still freshly piping hot!

While this video features shrimp, you can always opt for a different protein of your choice. If you’re going for the super traditional fried rice that comes in the white takeaway bins, mince some pork and fully cook it before adding it to your rice in place of the chicken alongside some sugar or honey.

If you would like something more rich, add some beef and beef stock. Are you looking for something meatless? This dish can easily be made with tofu instead! Because of the simplicity and flavors, never be afraid to experiment and make something amazing!

By: Eon Kyong


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