Going Gluten- Free Making an Allergy a Lifestyle!

December 16, 2013

Going Gluten- Free Making an Allergy a Lifestyle!

These days you see gluten free products everywhere you look! For some it is simply a fad diet to help them lose weight, but for many it is due to a gluten allergy. Gluten is the binding agent found in wheat making a gluten free lifestyle a difficult one to maintain. If you have recently found yourself facing a gluten allergy don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to make it through this without feeling like you are making much sacrifice. First, just start by accepting the allergy. While it may seem difficult to eliminate wheat from your diet you can’t risk making yourself sick over a piece of bread! Once you give yourself time to process that there are changes that have to be made it will be easier to adjust to, I promise!

Focus on what you can eat! Not everything has wheat in it! You can still enjoy most of your favorite foods; steak, veggies, chocolate, ice cream. The list goes on and on if you focus on what you can eat you will realize you only have to make small adjustments to keep your allergy in control. Look for substitutes. There are lots of yummy gluten free products on the market these days. You can easily find a variety of breads, pastas, cookies, and cakes that are made without using wheat and will easier for your body to handle.

This is also a time to get creative! Don’t spend all your time looking for gluten free products when simple substitutes will do. One of my favorites is making cheeseburgers using Portobello mushrooms as a bun instead of a hamburger bun. Ground pork rinds also work as an excellent substitute for breadcrumbs in most recipes. With a little ingenuity eating gluten free is easier than you may have thought! Start a recipe file. One of the easiest ways to make sure you are staying gluten free is to cook your meals at home. Browse the internet for gluten free recipes and have that file on hand when you go grocery shopping. You would be amazed at how many recipes can still be made just by making small substitutions like using cornstarch instead of flour to thicken gravy!

A hard thing for anyone with a gluten allergy is that they can no longer enjoy beer. Instead just reach for a glass of wine. If you want something a little closer in taste to beer many fruit ciders are naturally gluten free as well! Developing a gluten allergy doesn’t have to be a death sentence. There are plenty of naturally gluten free foods you can still enjoy and plenty more options to make something gluten free just by changing around a few ingredients. While it may seem hard stay strong, you will soon find yourself feeling healthier and happier than you ever have now that your allergy is under control. As an added bonus, eliminating wheat from your diet naturally cuts down on the amount of cards and processed foods you can east so your new found allergy can lead way to a little weight loss!



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