Surprising Health Kick: Chocolate Milk

July 10, 2018

Surprising Health Kick: Chocolate Milk

Summer workouts are great, but sometimes the most important part of staying in shape is your post-workout replenisher. That’s where chocolate milk comes in. This surprisingly simple grocery store buy can actually help to recover electrolytes according to a new study.

When compared with a placebo and similar sports recovery drinks, chocolate milk proved to have similar results to its competition, and its not even in the same league! The science behind this simple drink is its 4-to-1 carb to protein ratio. These effects are ideal for recovery after returning from the gym preventing you from feeling drained and unmotivated. 

Additionally, there are hydrating electrolytes in chocolate milk that make sure your body retains up to twice the amount of fluid as compared to a sports drink designed to be a post-workout supplement.

To get the most of your chocolate milk fix, keep a chilled glass lightly mixed with chocolate flavoring that isn’t overloaded with the same calories you’re trying to burn. Superstar coaches are starting to recommend this alternative over Gatorade, so maybe its time you should too.


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