The Best Cheesy Bite For Fall

September 3, 2018

The Best Cheesy Bite For Fall

Pull-apart bread. It’s also known as bubble bread, bubble loaf, pinch me cake, pluck it cake, jumble loaf, monkey bread, and monkey brains. No matter what you call the pieces of dough baked together in a pan, we can all agree that it is delicious and amazing.

The original name of monkey bread came from the unbaked appearance of dough placed on top of one another, which resembled a barrel of monkeys. This recipe takes the recipe for pull apart bread, infuses it with everyone’s favorite fall flavor and adds in some of the world’s best cheese to boot!

While the pumpkin spice flavor doesn’t necessarily include pumpkin, this recipe gives the bread a kick of pumpkin with the pumpkin puree, making it extra fall flavored. This loaf is studded with the soft cheese brie, which seems like a confusing combination with the pumpkin, but it actually makes an amazing flavor!

The brie is mild but distinctive, making it a perfect complement to the delicate pumpkin flavor and strong spices that are placed in this bread. So if you’re looking for the fall flavors to go with the recently released pumpkin spice lattes from your go-to cafe chain, pull some sections of this bread out to eat with your next snack!

By: Lizzie Kim


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