The Best Meal Made Into An Appetizer

September 5, 2018

The Best Meal Made Into An Appetizer

Ah, hamburgers. They’re all-American and all-delicious in their flavor and richness. If we could eat one for every course and meal, then we would be set for life. While hamburger desserts aren’t quite reality as of yet, we can at least enjoy the amazingness that is these mini hamburger bites for a perfect bite of an appetizer! These are a bit more time consuming than a regular burger due to the amount of detail that goes into each one, but they’re so worth it.

Besides, who doesn’t like having the perfect mouthful of meat, cheese, and burger sides? These mini burger bites are perfect to serve at a party among your friends, a summer cookout, a potluck, or even just for yourself when you don’t want to pick up a real burger and just have miniature bites of the perfect thing(we won’t judge).

The reason that these mini burger bites are so good is because they are literally small burgers in their own right, without any inconsistencies that you would get in a normal burger. This is due to the fact that they are an entire burger in their own right, so everything is balanced in your mouth.

In a regular-sized burger, you sometimes get bites where you have too much or too little meat, or no cheese, or the dreaded bite of plain bread since the patty slipped the other direction. Soothe all your worries and injustices in your meal with this bite of burger that will never let you down!

By: Eon Kyong


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