The Best Pumpkin Bread Ever

September 12, 2018

The Best Pumpkin Bread Ever

We know, we know – fall hasn’t even begun yet, and you’re already seeing pumpkin spice everywhere. Even though this may look like an ordinary recipe for pumpkin spice something that you see lining the shelves of stores and coffee shops, we promise this one is different.

This recipe for pumpkin bread will do the opposite of all the other demotivating pumpkin spice recipes, and will instead uplift your spirits and get you ready and hyped up for fall. This recipe uses not only the spices in the pumpkin spice, but also genuine pumpkin!

This pumpkin puree combined with the sour cream gives the bread an extra rich and creamy texture that makes every bite so much better than others. And to top it off, this recipe comes with a crumbly topping that adds texture and flavor as contrast!

Just when you think it couldn’t get any better, this pumpkin bread’s topping uses its crunchyness to contrast with the rich bread filling and gives it an extra sweet bite to enhance every slice! We recommend eating this amazing treasure with some vanilla ice cream or a nice tall glass of milk- trust us, you’ll need it for this dense and deliciousness.

By: Lizzie Kim


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