Transform Your Favorite Green Fruit

August 23, 2018

Transform Your Favorite Green Fruit

Avocados are the best food in the world – this fruit has all the flavor and texture in the world, but goes perfectly with other savory things such as toast, eggs, and meatballs! What’ interesting to note is that hardly anyone thinks of transforming this food in Western culture. We always think of avocados as something to eat in its raw, original form – the most we do with it is mash it alongside some vegetables and call if guacamole.

Countries in Asia take this fruit one step further and turn it into desserts such as smoothies. If there’s such thing as avocado ice cream, why not avocado soup? This video shows a recipe for a soup made of avocados, perfectly refreshing for any warm day.

In this recipe, the avocado isn’t cooked, but rather transformed through the process of a blender. While there is no chemical reaction due to the lack of heat or chemical changes to the avocado’s molecular structure, we do blend it with some yogurt, limes, and sparkling water.

This essentially emulsifies everything, so that it is all one even liquid and you don’t taste any component individually. If you’re not a fan of the crispy tofu in the recipe, try the soup with some larb! Larb is a Vietnamese meat dish that will pair perfectly with your new favorite soup.

By: Eon Kyong


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