Try This If You Love Corn

August 24, 2018

Try This If You Love Corn

Do you love corn? It’s the amazing vegetable that works as a starch and vegetable. You can use it in anything, and it will be amazing. Like avocados and potatoes, it has a subtle flavor that lends itself to any thing, any where, any time! Corn is a staple in Hispanic foods, such as Mexican, Cuban, and Puerto Rican foods, and it’s easy to see why.

You can put it in tortillas, or eat it on its own with a coating of cheese and a dash of lime juice. What isn’t tried as often is using it to make a sauce. Make this sauce to dip your favorite corn chip!

While this video calls the recipe for the sauce a “salsa”, it’s more similar to a pico de gallo. In a salsa, the ingredients are cooked down or kept fresh, then either pureed or left in its diced form. However, salsa always contains a large amount of liquid, no matter how the ingredients are kept.

In contrast, the ingredients of the pico de gallo are almost always kept fresh, and always left int its diced form. While this sounds similar to a salsa, the main difference is that there is very little liquid, and the pico de gallo’s main source of liquid comes from the lime juice added. In addition, pico de gallo uses much more fresh cilantro, which salsa doesn’t always have. So if you make this recipe, remember to call this dish a corn pico de gallo, no matter what the video says!

By: Eon Kyong


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